Did you know that as our Kwacha loses value, it makes dealing in imported items every difficult. With the massive fractuations of our currency, even setting pricing for an imported items is even a bigger challenge. But with everything, there is always an opportunity that comes with every struggle.  The challenges outlined above opens a door for an opportunity to deal in local products. Any item or product that fully utilizes local resources stands at a greater advantage.

We understand that most local businesses fail to compete with imported items mainly on pricing because our technologies are still not yet there to mass produce most items at cheaper prices, but consumers will rather spend on items that have a stable price unlike one that keeps changing every time you visit a store. With our Kwacha dropping even lower, we expect a shortage of some items living a market gap in the supply chain for local centered business to jump on and grab that much needed market share.

Most local born businesses luck the expertise of marketing experts to study the markets and advise the right moves to make in order to be profitable, that’s where we as Visualize Solutions comes in. We constantly study the Zambian market and advise our clients accordingly. We possess expertise both in the digital market as well as traditional markets. Get in touch with us for the best solutions to make your business grow.

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