Why You Need A Social Media Schedule

Why You Need A Social Media Schedule
February 11, 2020 No Comments Our Blog Valentine Mwansa
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There’s a saying that by failing to plan, you are planning to fail. So today we shall shed light on the importance of having a social media schedule.

A social media schedule or calendar is a document that helps you to plan your posts. It shows what will be published what time and day and optionally, by whom. The schedule is an important tool in your social media marketing arsenal.

Having a social media schedule will is important because of the following points.

Save Time

Having a schedule in place will help you to save time and focus more on creating content or responding to emails and comments or even give you enough time to grab some lunch !

Consistency will increase engagement

Social media marketing is all about consistency, when you are consistent it will be easier for your audience to follow you and engage with your content. It will also be a social proof that you actually know what you are doing.

Spot errors on time

Having a schedule will help you to spot typos and other errors that may be costly. If you are able to spot an error in a post scheduled for Valentine’s Day a week before it is posted on Valentines Day, you will have saved yourself and your brand from embarrassment.

Don’t forget important days

Important days and holidays always trend on social media especially Twitter and Facebook. Having as schedule will enable you to plan ahead for important days

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