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There’s an old saying that says that when your are weak in a crisis, you are weak indeed. COVID 19 has brought many problems especially for businesses that aren’t operating anymore. The thing that we can do now is to use this time to give our businesses are fresh look, to go back to our blue print and make our business model robust and at the most recession proof.

1.Learn what works

First thing first you have to know what works for your business. Is it possible for your business to operate by orders and deliveries?  At this time and the near future, orders and deliveries may be the norm of conducting business. See if this can work for your business. For example, if you are restaurant, orders and deliveries may work for you. In that case you will need more advertising and setting up an effective system to encourage, receive, and process orders,

2.Opportunity to focus on key business processes

During this time, you need to learn and focus on your key businesses processes. The processes that are crucial to maintain cash flow in your business.

3.Opportunity to know your core customers

This time if you have customers those may be  your core customers. They believe in you and your products and services. Treat them well and find creative ways of marketing and advertising to them. Let your adverts reach them at home – where they are. How do you do that?  By investing in TV adverts, radio, social media and web display adverts (PPC adverts). Visualize Solutions will gladly help your create an effective advertising plan and advert.

4.Opportunity to know your key partners and suppliers

COVID 19 is an opportunity to know your key partners and suppliers. By key partners and suppliers we mean the ones you depend on in your production process. The ones you can’t do without. This is a time identify your key partners and suppliers and strengthen your relationship with them.

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