The Four Comics

When MPTV called us that they needed 4 comic short films in 4 days for their new platform, we knew it was an exciting challenge and we couldn’t let it pass us by. Since we already had some drafts of scripts in our archives, the biggest challenge was casting and locations. Luckily, before the call from the channel, Visualize Solutions was one of the sponsors of a local talent show which showcased some great talents in acting and music, and this call just came right on time to give the talent show winners their first paid acting roles in a TV production.

The entire production team was at the top of their game and we managed to film 4 shorts in 2 days coupled with 2 sleepless nights for our post production team and the delivery was made.

Lesson Lent; “Never fear challenges, Its only through challenges will we know our true abilities”

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